Easy Delivery and Return - Pocket WiFi in Japan

The internet has become an integral part of everyone life nowadays. Nobody can imagine his or her life without the internet today, and that is the reason why we have started the WiFi rental services in Japan for those who are visiting Japan for short time spans either for homecoming, business meetings or a vacation. With our service of providing pocket WiFi Japan, now you can enjoy the high speed internet without spending much.  Focusing on every visitor's need, we have also started the convenient delivery measures, that is, now you can order your pocket WiFi and get it at the airport itself and not only we deliver the WiFi router, but we also ensure that the moment you get it you get connected to the internet services you paid for.

Opt for the counter you want to pick your router from: 

At the airport, you can select the counter from where you want to collect your rented pocket WiFi router. Post office, QL liner acceptance counter or JAL ABC Counter are the options we provide you to select from for delivery of the pocket WiFi in Japan. You can select the counter as per your convenience. 

Required document to collect your WiFi router:

For collecting your pocket WiFi, all you need is to show your identification card (your passport or a license) at the counter you selected along with the device tracking number. The router's tracking number will be delivered as an email to you after your order is successfully placed. So, do not forget to bring that tracking number. 

Let's Talk Return:

Returning the device at your departure is as easy as collecting the device. With the postal service at airport, you can enjoy the internet services till the last moment you are in Japan. For returning all you have to drop the router at the post and walla! You are done. 

Do's and Dont's

•    Do not forget to check your email for the tracking number of the device after placing the order successfully.
•    Do select the most convenient counter for collecting the device, as it will save your time.
•    Make sure you are aware of the business hours
•    Verify the date of arrival as it will be the date of delivery for us.
•    Make sure you enter the correct flight number and arrival time.
•    It is important that you order the pocket WiFi in Japan, two days prior to your arrival. 

With our WiFi rental services, now you can enjoy the internet services as soon as you step foot on the land of Japan. With the best and pocket friendly packages, we also ensure the on time delivery of the router. We understand the importance of staying connected and ensure, you don't lose contact to the internet being in our country. So, visit WiFi Rental Japan, today to rent your own personal pocket WiFi router. With the basic motto of serving you the high speed internet connection, we have become one of the best WiFi rental services among the tourists, businessmen and visitor to our land of Japan. 


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