Pocket WiFi Router: Its Advantages

As we all know that every device today is embedded with the hotspot, still there are many people who have the question regarding the uses of the pocket WiFi. If you are aware of the portable WiFi router, the question of why to go for this, must be popping up in your head. Are you struggling to find answers to the questions like what is the point of renting the pocket WiFi when in Japan? What is it good for? 

These are just some of the questions that are usually asked in regards to the portable WiFi devices. Similar to all the latest devices, portable WiFi routers are also equipped with the modern technologies. After you complete reading this article, you will get all the answers to the questions. 

Scroll down to the next section where you will find all the advantages that come along with the pocket WiFi router rental Japan.


1. More secure than public WiFi

Nowadays, you can benefit from various public WiFi available for free in places like shopping malls, banks, etc. No matter how appealing it seems, you should understand how insecure using these WiFi connections is, as they pose a prominent threat to your privacy. Where most often these public WiFi are used for eavesdropping and stealing the personal and private information, there, pocket WiFi routers can not only solve this problem, but also helps you stay connected to the internet for 24/7 no matter where you are. Using pocket WiFi in Japan will help protect you from many security threats using the system with activated firewall and authentication. Being equipped with the WPA that is wireless protected access and WAP-2 encryption, most of the pocket WiFi routers are secure.

2. Gives access to internet wherever and whenever

With this pocket WiFi in Japan, you can access the internet not only when you are working from a remote location, but also when you are on the move. It is definitely possible to give access to the internet to multiple devices using this portable WiFi device, but this can only be done after authentication as the connection is password protected. These WiFi routers can also be used as wireless repeaters to extend the coverage of the existing router. 

These are the two major reasons why one should prefer WiFi router rental in Japan. With good reviews and 100% customer satisfaction rate, we, at WiFi rental Japan, not only provide best pocket routers, but, also avail the option of collecting your router at an airport itself. So, if you are visiting Japan it is a very good idea to get your personal pocket Wifi router rented with us. Contact today for enjoying the best data plans and routers.


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